Saturday, March 04, 2006

Add real-time news fully searchable and readable by search engines to your site or blog

It's great to be able to add real-time news to your site or blog but it's even better if you can benefit from it in terms of search engine positioning and ranking.

If you only want to display news headlines on your site you can use tools based on javascript. Search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN...) don't read javascript.

If you want to add quality content to your site AND improve your search engine positioning and ranking you should opt for content tools using ASP or PHP.

Not many online content providers offer such tools but I finally found two:

Give it a try and tell me what you think.


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The enormous benefits of content syndication for publishers, bloggers and webmasters

This is my first post on my new blog and I start with a very HOT topic:

What are the benefits of content syndication for publishers, bloggers and webmasters in terms of content visibility, content distribution, SEO, content monetization, traffic...?


Why should I let people syndicate my content and display my news headlines on their own site or blog?

Before I start developing each point let me just remind you what content syndication is. Below is the definition from

Content syndication or "Web syndication is a form of syndication in which a section of a website is made available for other sites to use. This could be simply by licensing the content so other people can use it, but more commonly these days web syndication refers to making Web feeds available from a site so other people can display an updating list of content from it (for example one's latest forum postings, etc.). This originated with news and blog sites but is increasingly used to syndicate any information.

In this post I will explain how you could benefit from sharing ("partially") your content with other sites and blogs.

1. Increase your content visibility and exposure
Image you publish a blog which attracts 1,000 visitors a day. Among these visitors 10 are readers who very much like your blog and would like to add your content to their blog. If these 10 readers have approximately the same audience as you it means that you would multiply by 10 the number of people who see your content. That's not bad... and it's FREE!!!

2. Drive more traffic to your site
And if only 1 percent click on your headline and visit your blog you would still increase your daily traffic by 10% or 100 visitors. That's not bad... and it's still FREE!!!

3. Improve search engines ranking and positioning (SEO)
Most people say that the benefits of content syndication in terms of SEO are very limited. They are right... unless you provide your visitors with tools optimitized for search engines. You shall make sure that in order to display your content your visitors use some code (such as ASP or PhP) fully readable and searchable by search engines.

4. Improve your visitors satisfaction and online experience
If your visitors see that you provide syndication tools on your site they are more likely to syndicate your content. But make sure that the tools you offer can be customized to the look and feel of their site.

5. Earn money
Well... it's not easy but it's possible. The first thing you should ask yourself is HOW? Shall I use :
  • Advertising (sponsored links for example)
  • Sponsoring (find a sponsor)
  • Licensing (sell the content of my feed to other sites)
  • Subscription (ask readers to pay to access my feed content)
  • Subscription 2 (ask readers to pay to view full articles on my site)
  • ... (any suggestion?
If you decide to make your content available for syndication make sure you do it rightly or don't do it at all. Make it user-friendly. It starts with making sure you provide your visitors with the tools and information they need to display your rss feed on their site. Don't expect them to search for syndication tools.

Right now the biggest issues with content syndication are:

1. How can I make it easy for my visitors to display my news headlines on their site or blog? Do I need to provide them with some tools? Shall I build the tools myself or shall I use a third party provider? Who are the providers of content syndication tools?

2. Shall I try to monetize my RSS feeds at any price? What are the services available to earn money withRSS? What is the most appropriate model to generate revenues from RSS feeds? Is it crucial to monetize RSS?

I will discuss these points in my next post.

PS: Have a look at the bottom of my blog to see how a simple button can help you to easily and effortlessly syndicate my content on your site using the RSS tools provided by